Selamat Datang from Singapore! Welcome. This fast paced, diverse in culture, banking hub and futuristic city captured our attention and interest quickly in the four days we spent there. Research on accommodation is essential as it is quite expensive comparable to the rest of Asia. It is incredibly easy to get around with their well integrated (and not completely finished) transit system. Escape the heat in the underground malls like the locals as well as enjoy some great shopping if you like to shop. You can very easily spend a lot of money quickly but the city can still be quite enjoyable on a budget.

The intention of this page is to provide links to the various places we went and recommend as well as provide resources that we found useful along the way. We understand that we don’t have ALL the information, but what we do have will be helpful to those travelling to Singapore.

We also have PHOTOS and VIDEOS that not only captured our travels, but can give you an idea of what Singapore looks like if you have never been!


The currency in Singapore is the SGD or Sing Dollar. We found it best to take money directly from an ATM as our bank is in a network which doesn’t charge us transaction or exchange fees. If this is not the case for you, you can take your currency to an exchange for a decent rate. You can find the best ones here.


For Singapore visa requirements: here is the resource for information.


Singapore is one of the few if only places in Asia that the water is safe for drinking and brushing your teeth. That being said, we still drank bottled water however had no problems brushing our teeth with tap water.

Here is a resource for health risks in Singapore.


Train/Bus Public Transport: As mentioned above this is the most effective method of moving around the city. As a tourist it is best to buy a Tourist Pass. You can get a 1, 2, or 3 day pass. The pass allows for unlimited usage of the buses and trains in Singapore. It requires paying a refundable deposit of $10/SG in the price which you will get back when you return the card to the ticket counter after expiration. Remember to do this within 5 days of expiration or you won’t get your money back! Enjoy the ride, this is truly the best way to get around! You can find all the information you need on

Taxi: Taxis offer point-to-point transportation if you need to get to your destination quickly. You can hail a taxi along the road, wait for one at a taxi stand or make a phone booking.

Out of Singapore: We found the best way to get to our next destination which was Kuala Lumpur was to take a bus. It’s fairly quick, and the least expensive option given we hadn’t pre booked or found a last minute deal on flights. There are many options for buses and the station is easy to get to. You can find all the choices you will need by checking out


We booked our accommodation online after doing an hour or so of research and found the hotels to be quite expensive so we opted for a hostel in a decent location.  Agoda has access to many places to stay in the area however we are reluctant to use them anymore as they do not offer a rewards program.  In that sense, Expedia is much better!  We recommend the following place as a budget accommodation that is centrally located, clean, includes breakfast, and is reasonably priced:



We got through Singapore on a budget and paid only for a few attractions (mainly the Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest and Flower Dome). Everything else we saw was experiential and required only a map and our time to tour around on the excellent public transit system to get everywhere we wanted to go. Families may want to visit Universal Studios and the Underwater World in Santosa however we didn’t make it here on this trip. Apparently the Singapore Zoo is meant to be one of the best in the world! Nonetheless, we are happy to present to you our list of places we saw that would be of interest to most travellers wanting to experience the city!








MASTERCARD THEATRE (Cirque du Soleil & other performances)

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