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Justin and I officially met one another in November of 2010.  We were outside of a restaurant and literally walked right into each other.  “Hi, I’m Justin, what’s your name?” which of course I replied with “Hi Justin, I’m Kristin” … “Hi Kristin” …. “Hi Justin” and we went back and forth this way for a few minutes, smiling ear to ear.  After running into each other a few more times, Justin asked me out for “lunch”.  One issue, I was leaving for Florida the next night for 4 weeks…  so we decided not to wait and we had lunch the following day.  This lunch ended up being dinner as the timing just worked out better.  Justin came to my house around 6pm, dressed nicely and got out of his truck and rang the doorbell – like a true gentleman, I was surprised to not get the typical modern day text “I’m outside”.

During dinner, time seemed to not exist.  We were very present and just enjoyed each bite of our delicious food, each topic of conversation, we simply enjoyed the company of each other… every moment.  We spent the remainder of the night talking, laughing and just hanging out.  It was almost 11pm, time for me to go meet my beautiful cousin Melody for our 4 week road trip to Florida.  Rather than say goodnight, Justin offered to drive me and my luggage to Melody’s…perfect!  A few more moments for us to spend together.

Melody and I hit the road, we say bye to Justin and head to Florida.  About 2 hours into our drive, a text message comes in from Justin… “Second date in Miami?” (insert happy dance here).

Justin booked a flight to meet us in Miami, arriving the second week of us being there.  We continued to talk daily using video online chat until he got there and that alone was a great experience, starting to get to know someone through a screen actually has a lot more to offer than I would have once thought!  Moving on: Justin arrives in Miami (him and a guy friend) and we completely connect and continue where we left off, living fully in the moment with one another and our surroundings!

A few days later, Melody and I were scheduled to depart on a cruise to the Bahamas…turns out Justin’s parents have a condo in Bahamas so doesn’t it make perfect sense for them to fly to Bahamas and meet us there?  Yes, of course that is what happens next.  All of us end up having so much fun that when it’s time for Melody and I to depart on our cruise back to Miami, we make a request to disembark the cruise and stay with the boys for a few more days.  It was one awesome day followed by another.  We finally flew back to Florida to meet up with our family, leaving the boys in Bahamas.  It’s now getting close to the day we are scheduled to drive home and a huge snowstorm warning is in effect.  Justin and I continued our daily online video chats, him in Bahamas and me in Florida.  At this point he is becoming uncomfortable with us girls driving home to Toronto through the large snowstorm, so… he makes the decision to re-route his flight.  Rather than fly to Toronto, he flew to Orlando where we picked him up and the three of us drove home to Toronto together.  WOW! What a fairytale!!

I’m sure it goes without saying, that we have been in love since then and our relationship has only continued to grow.  Justin proposed on December 12th, 2012 and we got married on September 7th, 2013!!!!!!

Now… how did this blog get started, that is what this is really about right?!

We always talked about travelling the world, except when we were first together, this “travel the world talk” seemed to be more of a pipe dream. But for those of you who know Justin and I – we are firm believers in the fact that we create our reality.  We understand that we manifest our lives and therefore we choose how our lives are lived.  With this being said, in August of 2013 we had a conversation one night about “what are we doing with our lives” and “why do we do what we do everyday”.  We talked about life and how incredible it would be to detach from all of our belongings, material objects, life as we know it, step outside the box, separate from the life we have been conditioned to live, see what lights up our souls and discover more about who we really are.

Sounds exciting right? … We thought so too!  At that moment we looked in each others eyes and decided together – “let’s do it… 2 years around the world!”  Immediately filled with a rush of joy, we knew with every cell of our beings, this is the exactly what we are meant to do.

We quickly began planning and taking action on everything we needed to do to help make this happen. This included: getting married, selling our house (and all of our stuff) and creating ways to leave our jobs for our two year adventure ahead!

So, there we are… married, house is sold and our one-way ticket was booked (thank you Momma T and Andre, who so generously booked us a  first class ticket as a wedding gift).  We left April 1st, 2014 at 10:30am, first class, to Australia!  We will continue to make our way across the globe, loosely following our  “Unofficial 2 Year Itinerary”.

As we met with our friends and family and filled them in on our plans, everyone kept asking us “how can we stay connected to you both?” and just as often as that question is asked, the second thing we heard was “What An Adventure!!”.

Which bring us to the creation of our blog “What An Adventure”.   We hope you enjoy and bare with us as we learn to blog as this is a first for both of us.  The goal is simply to take you on our adventure with us, from the start, share with you where we are and hope that you might even go on your own adventure and who knows, we might even end up somewhere out there on an adventure together!

With Love & Light,

Kristin & Justin Butler

It's official! Married on September 7th ,2013!

It’s official! Married on September 7th ,2013!

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