Vienna, Budapest & Family

One of the great things about travelling the world is getting to see places you’ve never been before. For us we’ve found the thing that’s even greater, is meeting family you have and may not have otherwise seen for a while in the cities you’ve never been.

This was our experience as Kristin’s uncle had recently moved with his family to Vienna, Austria where he grew up, and where we got to visit and stay with them for a few days to enjoy the city with their guidance as well as stay in their new home and spend time together. We had great food, conversations about life and our history, and even got to make a new youtube video with our little cousins! You can check out the link HERE.

From Vienna we headed by train to Budapest to spend four nights with Justin’s family from his mom’s side and their family. They toured us around the city for dinners, night life, tours of castles and small villages, and we got to spend a lot of time with our cousins as we explored the old town of Budapest and its history. If all goes well, Kristof will be visiting us this summer for a couple of months! Make sure you get those grades up!

There’s something special about meeting up with and spending time with family when you’re travelling. With all the unfamiliar sights and sounds, new cities and hotels, different foods and languages, having something and someone familiar around to be with is special. It brings familiarity and comfort to exploration and change. These cities felt more welcoming and alike to home than any of the other places we have visited in our travels. We can certainly attribute this to the warmth, hospitality and love that our extended families offered us while travelling through their parts of the world. Thank you for the time you spent with us and we truly look forward to seeing you again, and having you stay with us whenever you choose to come to Canada.

With Love & Light,

Justin & Kristin Butler




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